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To view the Funeral services live. Please enter the family name and password provided by the deceased family member.

Any Login Question, Click here




How do I see the Funeral services and the website?

Click on the button ( Click to search for your Loved one. Find Your Loved One ) on the left menu bar and enter the last name of the deceased person. 

What if it asks me for username and password?

If it asks you for login name and password this means that the family has chosen to make the services and the website private.

How do I obtain the username and password?

Please contact the family for the username and password. 

My favorite browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. When I went to view the Funeral service, a box came up asking me if I wanted to download ActiveX video control. What should I do?

The answer is YES. ActiveX is a necessary video plug-in for Internet Explorer and will not cause any problem to your computer or network. The download should not take more than a few seconds. Once you have downloaded the ActiveX, you will never be asked again


This site is best viewed by Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape 4.7. For instructions on how to download please click on the desired browser.  

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If you have questions that are not answered here,  please click here to contact us.

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